SEO tools are essential for any business that wants to rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic. Learn why they play a big part in the SEO industry and how to choose the right tools for your needs. SEO tools can help you improve your website’s ranking in search results and drive more traffic. Learn more about the different types of SEO tools and how they can benefit your business.

It’s no secret that thousands of tools are available for search engine optimization for beginners and experts alike. They were all built with two things in mind; Making life easier and automation. Without them, the work of an SEO would be slow and incomplete. It’s too easy to miss out on steps in a procedure that has been put together, but tools have been built to prevent that.

Some tools are very simple and serve only a single purpose, such as extracting meta tags, checking for H1 and H2 tags, or simply checking the page for its analytics code. But imagine extracting all of this information manually. The time it would take for each site is significantly longer than just entering a URL into a box and hitting go. However, some tools have been built to provide much information in one shot. These are the real-time savers.

This information can be valuable to an SEO expert putting together a campaign or working with an existing one. For this reason, many tools go unreleased to the public and are built for internal use. We know this because at the SEO agency ( Submit Shop) we have a multitude of our own custom-built tools as well. But this doesn’t mean you must go out and build your own. There are still lots of options to choose from that are available to the public.

To find these Small SEO tools, you must search for them, knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Just searching for SEO tools in Google brings up plenty of useful results.
Remember, even Webmaster Tools is a useful tool for SEO. The information about your site it can provide is quite huge if you know how to interpret it. While we wish Google would give us more information than they do, what they do provide is still a huge insight and isn’t information we can easily find elsewhere.

 Are there any software packages I can use instead?

Software versions of these tools are fairly rare in comparison to web tools. However, on top of online tools, there are plenty of browser extensions/add-ons to choose from that may better suit your needs. Chrome and Firefox have a good share of tools, so it may be worth installing both browsers and trying tools on both.

Here are a few recommendations that I find useful:


  • Page Rank checker
  • HTML Validator
  • Quick proxy switcher


  • HTML  Validator
  • User-Agent Switcher
  • Web Developer Toolbar

The tool I want isn’t available; what should I do?

If the tool you want you can’t find, it probably doesn’t exist because it is not required. You should think hard about why you need this particular tool. Is the data relevant? Does it need to be looked at as part of an SEO campaign at all? Almost every tool you’ll ever need will already have been made, so you probably won’t need it if it doesn’t exist. However, should you devise a groundbreaking technique, by all means, create a tool to do it for you? The benefits will always outweigh the downfalls.
There you have it. SEO Tools speed up your work, make strenuous tasks effortless, and often allow you to automate some processes.