Every click that consumers make leads them to blogs, websites, and social media pages—essentially content that persuades them to convert into revenue-generating customers. Brands depend on content to drive their profit, and it’s not about simply putting stuff online.

Consumers, when they go online, don’t want to spend too much time and effort reading pages of information, no matter how relevant. Content that catches the readers’ attention at one go is the winner. Consumers in the online world display some typical behaviors.

When they are searching for a particular material, they search and only give the page a quick scan. May be 20 seconds is the max they give to the content. If they get the answer, good enough. If not, they bounce away, leaving the brands wondering what went wrong. The mantra, thus, revolves around creating, captivating, and converting customers.

Here are 7 easy tricks to make your content more readable and interesting:

Headlines give you the head start

Start with a clean, crisp, but informative headline. Set the objective straight. Use appropriate keywords to clearly convey to the reader what the content on the page is all about. Apart from the headline, you can also include a sub-headline that further elaborates what your blog or page content is all about.

Devote a series of posts

If you are writing on a complex topic, why not break it down into a series of posts, rather than have one bulky article! It’s a great way to keep people coming back for more, and your reader will find it easier to digest your content if they get it in portion-controlled sizes.

Try storytelling

Storytelling is another effective way to engage your readers. It can get somewhat boring to go through only facts and figures. However, if you present your content in a way that humanizes what you are talking about; your readers will be able to relate to you. Tell anecdotes or real-life incidents. Content Management Solution that has a protagonist, a challenging situation, and a climax, will keep readers engaged and convey the message in a friendly manner.

Keep your paragraphs short and simple

By keeping long paragraphs, you will simply drive readers away, as they may think your content is too difficult and time consuming to read.

Use bullets

Thought only kids use bullet points in school? Think again. Bullet points are a superb way to clearly depict, point by point, exactly what you are talking about. They are easily scannable and easy on the optical nerves. They look different from the rest of your text and provide a visual break for your reader.

Use interesting formatting options

Try out different colors and fonts to highlight certain points. It makes your content more visually appealing. Use uppercase to lowercase converter for proper formatting the content to look more readable.

Content doesn’t only mean text

Content also includes visuals. Today, brands are focusing on creating interesting info graphics and videos that engage users to a great extent. Your readers are more likely to recall visual content than text. So get a designing team in place to collaborate with your content writers and create interesting images, charts, and videos that can immediately capture the audience’s attention.

There are so many effective, yet easy, ways to make your content more readable. Think about using stories, a little variation in formatting, or even inserting links to interesting topics. Understand your readers and check if your USP is relevant to them before you begin writing.

The biggest challenge digital marketers’ face is of leaving an impression. Consumers today are smart, craving for more and more information, but not at the expense of time. They want marketers to understand precise needs and offer them relevant content, products, and experiences.