Monitor new trend and to make his opinion consequently that is the job of the blogger. But who can implement this on his website that uses the novelty factor to promote the search engine optimization of its web offering. But for this to work, you need visitors, who carry on the best blog writing services; how you can support it by writing effective, should therefore be shown here.

First, the blogger outreach who have the ability to sense trends can. This can only happen if you focused on specific themes. Here one has then to undertake in the News note to get a sense of what is being discussed with the different facets. In the SEO scene, this is, for example, currently the new social network Google+ to have the discussion in each second contribution determined, although Google+ is still in the trial stage and is only on special invitation for an unlocked.

For technical support can be in trend research to RSS services relying. Most blogs offer RSS automatically. In Google News but you can also create RSS sources for own tags and read in his RSS reader then. Additional research opportunities that could lead to RSS news feed, and you can Google Alerts get. This is not enough, and then good is one search engine for Twitter, where RSS-evaluation options are available. Overall, one has then to his RSS reader always a complete overview of all news and can later use the Reader very well in order to infer the resource sources.

In considering how then a topic with which you want to be noticed in his blog, then you should normally on the right spin to think. A new post within the other bloggers and the typical blog reader is ideal only if he demonstrates a new aspect or if he can formulate a provocative twist to an existing aspect. So you have to try to surprise with news value or with a provocative point of view. This ensures attention, encourages comments and links and thus for a certain resonance that brings the search engine optimization of the website overall forward.

The novelty aspect or the provocation should be evident in every part of the blog post. In particular, in the headline and in the introductory text (Lead), the reader must be motivated to read on. At the same time it should also be ensured in terms of search engine optimization that the relevant keywords in the title, in the lead and in the rest of the text adequately taken into account.

This is also a long-tail aspect secured, which provides additional resonance beyond the day. When Long tail it comes to write about a topic that is discussed from time to time, but rarely has the chance to become a hot topic. In search engine optimization there are many long tail topics, such as the question of why search engines are ever so heavily used, or why a particular search engine always has the edge.

It is also helpful if the text is witty and humorous. This can also be done subtly, by example, famous people up with a critical adjective or depreciates. So could Matt Cutts, called SEO guru or SEO oracle, which you might also enhances its performance so uncritically. From the context of the statement but the critical point should be traceable.

Humor and criticism can run over pictures. Total images promote the search engine optimization quite well, partly because they emphasize the significance of the article, partly because many users like to use the image search to come to the appropriate web resource. Through a cleverly chosen caption humor or criticism can be easily taught.

Emotional enthusiasm for a subject is also an important way to inspire readers and commentators. Only who believes in his subject and can make this much credibility that has better chances of attention, as if he handles the item with a work-to-rule mentality.

So you will remain as a blogger in the trend, if you comprehensively addresses the trend messages and interpreted properly, or if you take the long tail aspect of topics in the Focus. Then one takes up the issue with an original rotation and used humor and criticism, to unlock the topic communicative.

Finally, complemented with relevant images and other support elements to show the reader how extensive you have worked on the topic. Ideal leads the whole in an open question that encourages the reader to comment. Or is the technical implementation, in terms of search engine optimization to get short and long term sufficient rankings on Google and Co.?