Computers which are on the internet network are specified by the internet protocol address e.g. – It is the indicator that you or business/organization on the internet. The domain name was established to indicate the computer on the internet network.

Domain names .th is the upper most domain name which is used to abbreviate the country name such as .in stands for India and .eu for the Europe. Domain name .th can be used anywhere in world exactly as same as .com. There are total Eighteen million Domains name which are under the .com and all has been registered by the people all over the world.

.th is the Thai website which is highly reliable and it is highly efficient. It is also used to verify the domain names and their holders. A domain is a sub tree of domain name space.

Objectives of the Domain Names

It is used to hide the Internet protocol (IP) address get changed. It is used to distribute the database and the name authorities. It is used most of names and the emails.

Domain Names in the Internet

Domain names are the protocols which are which are used in the various platforms of the internet. In internet domain names are categorized into the three sections: – generic, country and inverse domains.

Generic Domains

They are used to define the registered hosts such as- .com for the commercial organizations, .edu for the educational organizations, .gov for the government institutions, .int for the international organizations, .mil for the military use, .net for the network support centers and .org for the nonprofit organizations.

There are also some new generic domains such as- .aero for the airlines and aerospace organizations, .biz for the business firms, .coop for the cooperative business organizations, .info for the information service providers, .museum for the other nonprofit organizations, .name for the personal names or for the individuals and .pro for the professional individual organizations.

Country Domains

They are used to describe the country abbreviations and it uses only two characters such as- .in for the India, .us for the United States, .au for the Australia, .iq for the Iraq, .eu for the Europe etc.

Inverse Domains

They are used to describe or used to map an address to a name. A user sends an Internet Protocol (IP) address to the server to be mapped on to a domain name. This is also known as Pointer Query (PTR).

Domain Name Messages

There are two types of messages in the domain names which are- Query and Response. Query and Response has the same type of format. But the difference is that query messages includes header and the question records while the response message includes headers, additional records, question records, authoritative records and the answer records. So get your business a domain name or book a premium domain name for sale on marketplace from reputed domain service provider.