Want more people to buy more on your site? Conversion rate optimisation isn’t just about putting the right message out there. It’s about avoiding the wrong messages too.Looking at your conversion rate is a smart idea during search engine optimisation. With just a little tweaking, your SEO plan can do much more than get your pages on the right page of the SERPs, and you can discuss this with us at SEO Consult Australia. Unless you’re careful, optimising your sales technique for more conversions can take a downturn. Watch out for the following.

1 Badly worded upsell techniques – one of the places where conversion rate optimisation and SEO meet is product cross-promotion. Most product pages have a sidebar or footer advertising similar products. The trouble is, these are obvious upsell techniques. All of your competitors use ‘You might also like’ to sell more products. Try a different phrasing.

2 Upselling too soon – many sites try to boost a sale before the customer has decided to purchase. This is similar to a retailer breathing down a customer’s neck while they browse the shelves. Secure your first sale first and move upsell suggestions further down the conversion funnel.

3 Using too many bright colours – it’s accepted marketing wisdom that bright colours attract the eye. They also tire the eye, harming your SEO when users click away too soon.

4 Bad product placement – some screen areas are commonly used for banner advertising. Unfortunately, most retailers also use these areas to advertise similar products. Move your product promotions to just below the product description for better effect.