As we already know, the market is moving more and more to the digital world. High-speed internet is spreading across the world and smartphone prices are becoming affordable for the masses. This means that the online market is seeing incredible growth with more and more digital customers every day. With that being said, it is the perfect time to look at the e-commerce market, Shopify to be exact.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an application that makes it possible for anyone to open an online store. They make it very easy by offering a wide range of templates for customers to choose from. You can literally have you online shop up and running within one day.

They make it possible for you to customize almost every aspect of your shop so that you can keep your branding authentic. You are also not limited to what products you can sell; it is possible to sell or digital physical products. It has never been so easy for your products to reach a mass audience of customers.

To give you some perspective on Shopify’s size, they run over 600 000 stores that have collectively made over $40 billion in sales.


  • Shopify is an all-inclusive application. They offer everything that you will need to get your e-commerce shop up and running as well as make it successful.
  • Creating your unique brand is made easy by the wide range of templates on offer. There are hundreds of themes that have been created by professional designers. They will make your shop able to compete with the pros.
  • They also offer marketing elements so that you can start a brand from scratch or improve on your existing brand.
  • Their customer support and technical support is on par with the best out there. This is a crucial element because nobody wants to have their store crash and then being unable to reach support. They offer 24/7 service via online chat, email or phone.


  • Pricing can be troubling if you are just starting out. They do not offer great entry level packages like some of their competitors. This makes it hard to test the water.
  • Product images may not the displayed exactly like you want them to. The application sometimes formats the images to different aspect ratios that make images look different. You might have to get a photo editor to crop images before uploading them to Shopify.
  • You will be restricted to Shopify’s payment system. If you choose not to use their system you will be charged for every purchase, this makes it very unpractical thus you are limited to processing payments through them.
  • Although they offer easy to use third-party apps, most of these run a decent price and adding a couple will quickly push up your monthly expenses.


Shopify is definitely one of the pioneers in this revolutionary movement and they are no doubt a force to be reckoned with.