It has been said that the difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. It is very important for SEO consultants to avoid getting into comfortable ruts when it comes to their content provision. There is a need to keep things fresh and lively. If copywriters begin to churn out humdrum blog posts for the sake of it, neither users nor search engines will be impressed. Monotony will gradually lead to users heading elsewhere and site performance will slump.

At, we take a great deal of care with our content. As ethical SEO services, we recognise that there are few shortcuts in the world of search. We know that patience and skill are both needed if one wishes to achieve sustainable progress.

When content has been prepared with insufficient enthusiasm, it is not difficult for a user to tell. Concepts and words will often be repeated as a copywriter simply sees each post as something to be finished in as brief a time period as possible. Poets may repeat words for effect but the bored copywriter will obviously never possess the sense of rhythm a poet typically exhibits.

If a copywriter is composing posts without sufficient zest, they will cover much the same ground as other blogs in the sector. They will rarely be innovative in combining information from diverse sources. They won’t be the first to a story or a theme. Google is now rewarding freshness, so there are incentives to supply content that shines with the gloss of the new.