When one looks around the search world, it is possible to see a diversity of blogs. Some are personal musings, while others have a commercial function. Among the latter group, blogs vary substantially in how effective they are. Some suffer from poor SEO and may never please their target audience in the correct fashion. It is certainly possible to learn quite a lot from blogs which do not work.

At Searchengineoptimisation.co.uk, we know that blogs cannot be composed by numbers. Formulaic approaches to producing a SEO blog are not the best way forward. Each site has its own distinctive needs. Nonetheless, there are some common mistakes which are still made. Elaborating on these errors is valuable from a learning perspective.

When one reads a blog, it does not take too long to understand a few things about it. Firstly, whether or not a blog has been written with genuine enthusiasm. Secondly, whether or not a guest blog posting actually has something unique to say. Too many blogs are written simply because there is commercial pressure to produce written content, and often. The result is a lot of shoddy work which can be tedious to read.

One cannot escape the commercial imperatives. Despite this fact, the writer of any business blog should start writing with specific things to impart. The best blogs are written when the writer has the desire to produce something which is fresh and of genuine value to the target audience. If the content is good enough, the reader should be eager for the next blog post.