Whenever we enter our query in search engine and hit “enter” we get a list of web results. Users generally visit the top the list as they think those to be more relevant to the query. If we have ever wondered why these websites rank better than the others then we must know that it is because of a powerful technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the approach which helps websites to rank higher on Search Engines Result Pages (SERP’s) than their competitors’ website. SEO is the best way to get traffic from search engines.

Further in SEO we use SEO tools such as bulk social checker to check counts on the domains so that we can easily sort our websites. Bulk Social Checker is tool which aims to provide social counts of Facebook shares, likes, comments, Google Plus One Counts (PlusOnes), Twitter Tweets, Linkedin Shares, Delicious Bookmarks, Stumbleupon Views and Pinterest Pins by adding url one per line.

Bulk Social checker characteristics:

  • It provides free service to check counts on various sites
  • Check latest counts of various domain at once
  • Tool support  upto 10 Url’s at once
  • User can easily get the detail of counts by download Excel
  • Allow Domain one per line

Bulk Social checker Uses:

  • Bulk Social Checker is basically used for Check Counts on different Domains
  • This tool is free to use, no need to registration for usage
  • User can check 10 url’s counts at once but add url one per line
  • User can download the result on excel sheet
  • They can easily check counts of FB likes, comments , G+ ones, Tweets, linkedin shares, delicious bookmarks, stumbleupon views and pinterest pins
  • User have power to reset the form also if they want to change the url’s
  • Most important user can easily contact to the administrator of Bulk Social Checker by the contact page.

As we have discussed about Bulk Social Checker tool its functionality, features and usage. I believe users can use this beneficial tool to check for their business’s social statistics that too without spending a single penny. However, this tool is designed for bulk usage but you can still use it to check single domain as well If you need to make comparisons of your social status with your competitors popularity you don’t have to check one by one, all you can do is to pick your domain along with your competitors’ domain make a bulk check and export your results to excel that’s it and you are done.

This tool is very beneficial for SEO Web services providers who are very choosy about their brand name in market.  Last not the least it is very useful for those who are conscious about social media and always make a record of their brand’s popularity and social status in online world.

In addition to this, if you want to monitor your Instagram daily insights you can use tool such as Instagram Analyzer also you can follow strategies of top Instagram accounts to grow your account significantly.