The Disavow links is a tool which is used for removing the link. It is released in October, 2012 by Google. Its main purpose is to determine links those having low quality. It also requests that Google the search engine does not take that links when page rank is calculated. Therefore we can decrease the link spam effect and inappropriate links on the web page. The Disavow tool is also known as the Google Disavow links tool. It is a tool which is useful for back links. The person who is seriously involves in search engine optimization (SEO) and they registered their sites with Google Webmaster tools. Through webpage we can learn a lot about number of Google tools, having authorship, g+ button and also the disavow tool.

When we make a website, in its whole life it attract with various links with various pages through accident or design. The most important and good links are those where the content of the linking page relates with the content of your own page.

There are many links which can harm your page ranking. It means Google indexed each page and listed on merits. so, nowadays, there are many companies who provide link removal service. If we are using low having low quality it must effect on your entire domain. There is a question which always comes in everybody’s mind that is:

What do you mean by low quality links? Let’s take an example to clarify this query.

  • The money you have paid to the third person for back links.
  • The links those are not appropriate to your target.
  • There are some reciprocal links through this few are acceptable some are not.
  • There are some links which come from bad written articles. If you pay small amount money for a large number of articles they are mostly bad written.
  • There are some links which comes from spammer sites.

When the Disavow links tool should be used?

Matt Cutts of Google suggest that the Disavow links tool should be used at a last resort. You must make the backlink removal efforts first. It also tells that there is no need to use this tool by most of the people. He tells that it is a tool for power users not for the home users or regular business.