1. Research your niche area and write a two part articles on it.

2. Place the second part of your article on your site.

3. In first part of the article make many reference to your second part.

4. Now submit the first part of your article to E-zine publishers, Article Directories.

5. Thus my work is completed.

Now lets see how we can make money and get free traffic to your site.

Free Traffic

1. Who ever reads the first part of your article will come to your web-site for reading the second part.

2. You will get visitors from both E-zine and also from the article directories where you submitted your article.

3. Thus you can get targeted and free traffic without doing any part of SEO.


1. Insert Adsense ads in your Second part of your article.

2. Your Second part will be placed in your web-site so you can include more adsense ads.

3. Whenever a visitor comes from the first part of your article to your site , he may click on your adsense ads and you make instant money

4. Place the adsense ads throughout the page to get maximum clicks and money.


1. Consider your article is about “Templates”, go to clickbank.com and register.
2. Once you register go to marketplace and search for “templates”
3. You will get many advertisers offering their products on your topic.
4. Select the best converting ones and make hop link.
5. Once you make the hop-link include it as a reference in your second part article.
6. Whenever your visitors who is reading your article clicks on the hop-link and makes purchase you get 50% to 75% as Commission.
7. Thus you can make sales without a sales page and even without a products.

Thus articles are very powerful medium when used wisely. I write one set of article per week and make around 20$ in adsense and a minimum 2 sales in clickbank. So choose your niche and make some research on it. Then present your originality, do not copy other’s articles as it will do no good for you.