When you decided to start your own blog or site for the first time, you didn’t probably think about all the benefits that a successful site could bring in. Besides the fact that you can express yourself in every means possible, the Internet is a great place where you can sell your products or service in order to get a pretty nice profit. But for that you will need to be known on the Internet. Before you start thinking about SEO campaigns and personal brand strategies, you should find out what is your Google page rank. The Google page rank is noted from 0 to 10 and it shows you how popular your site really is between the millions of other sites from the web.

To find out what page rank your site has on Google, you will need to use a page rank checking tool, which is basically a service that will provide you lots of information that are good to be known about your site and many statistics that will help you make a plan on how to develop your online business.

WebsiteStatsChecker.com is one of the greatest page rank checkers online and it’s absolutely for free. You won’t have to buy a subscription or even make an account. All you have to do is to enter to this tool and type your domain name in the search bar there. The domain name is the address of your site (sitename.com) and it’s all the information that this rank checking tool needs in order to give you many useful information about your site.

Once this tool will do it searches, it will show you some numbers that will be very important in the development process of your site and also for attracting investors or clients. Besides your page rank you will find the date on which your domain was registered and that will help you to see how much you evolved until now. Other useful info about your site will be the average daily unique visitors and the daily page view, which will indicate how popular your site is.

Besides that, this tool provides a little review about your site in which will be stated the estimated value of your site, a good thing to know when you are thinking about selling your site and also the daily income of your site.

So if you are thinking about developing your site, that the first thing to do is to go on web stats and find out all this info about your site. These are crucial when you want to hire an SEO team, because it will help you track how much they helped you and also how much should you pay him for their services.

Remember that only by keeping an updated statistic about your site, you will be able to see the evolution of it and if it’s worth the time and money in the future. If after a couple of development projects, your site has the same page rank or even a lower one, you should reconsider the investment.