Khoj is a customized search engine to find the information you want about India. The search engine is software, or we can say a program, that is used for search purposes. A user specifies the keyword or phrase, and the search engine identifies a specific item in the database corresponding to the same. Khoj has a lot of stuff built in that you can take advantage of, too. For example, all Indian sports information for sports news. Khoj search engine is the perfect search engine for any modern browser. Khoj carries the highest priority to search for something related to India. Khoj features a search bar, making it clear to the user that searching is the main or primary task of the site. Khoj enhances its use by providing better and more relevant results to the user.

Khoj is concerned with those search which talks about Indian lifestyle, food, Regions, News, Entertainment etc. This search engine is the perfect way to perform searches for sites right from your browser’s address bar. Khoj consists of much interesting implication that enhances the user experience by providing relevant result to its user. It automatically carried the collected data into a database on the web browser by a web crawler.

Khoj offer many services, which can be explained below

Type of Data in the database:

Khoj is a search engine that can search different data related to India, such as text and Images. Text displays the text result related to the phrase or keyword entered on the bar, and the image feature shows the Indian image matches your keyword or phrase.

Origin of Data

Khoj can display the result related to India. This search engine is a web search engine, so the data collected in the database is from World Wide Web. The source of the search engine is described by its name, Like Khoj-Indian Search Engine can provide the result about Indian Talks.

 Special Feature

Khoj has one of the special features by that we can sort our results. There are two options for sorting: one can sort it by date and another by relevance. In this search engine, we have Google ads.

The task performed by Khoj

  • Processing of queries about India
  • Processing of images  relate to India and user requirements
  • Sorting the web results

I would like to tell you about KHOJ in a single line that is “Customized search engine which provides a better experience to the user who has the queries related to India lifestyle and health, regions, news etc.”