When it comes to social networking sites, Facebook’s popularity and clout has remained unrivalled.

Its massive number of followers alone cements Facebook’s reputation as every digital marketer’s playground.

While conventional Facebook advertising techniques still work, exploring its full potential involves using advanced techniques you probably didn’t know existed.

For those who are not familiar, below are some advanced Facebook advertising techniques you can use to make your Facebook marketing efforts even more potent:

Use “Pages to Watch”

While not everyone may be aware of it, “Pages to Watch” is considered one of Facebook’s cool features.

It might not be used directly for marketing but it can give you access to valuable insights that can help in your online marketing efforts.

In other words, it allows you to compile a list of pages you might be interested in, alongside analytics.

Just add pages from brands that have strong presence on Facebook and are considered relevant to your industry.

Primarily, this is important since you can see the posts that are considered least and most engaging.

From there, you can easily decide the content you will post on your page.

Post content between midnight local time and 10 p.m.

Not everyone may be aware of it but when it comes to social media, timing is considered vital.

Even if your content is considered a masterpiece, the impact would still be marginal if the audience you are targeting never gets to see it.

A research conducted by Buzzsumo indicated that the best time to post would be between 10 p.m. and midnight local time.

There are two primary reasons for this:

  • Fewer people are posting content during those times which means more visibility and less competition.
  • Many users are still awake and active on Facebook during those times so the likelihood of them seeing your content is higher.

Use “Audience Insights.”

When looking for features that are highly data-driven, you can never go wrong with “Audience Insights.”

This Facebook feature is ideal if you would like to get a detailed snapshot of your audience so you can create content that is more relevant and is based primarily around their interests.

When it comes to increasing ROI and maximizing impact, relevancy is pivotal.

From the “Audience Insights” feature, you can get essential information like:

  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Age
  • Job title
  • Educational Level

However, those information are just the tip of the iceberg.

This cool Facebook feature can give you insight into other data that can help make your overall marketing efforts even more potent.

Integrate video into your core marketing strategy.

At the moment, many will agree that video is huge.

In fact, many consider 2016 as the year of video.

What is interesting however, is video only accounts for 3 percent on all contents found on the world’s biggest social media networking site.

While the figure is unbelievably low, it also presents a good opportunity.

Posting many high-quality videos can help you get the low-hanging fruits your competitors are missing out on.

With YouTube’s clout and popularity, embedding YouTube videos in your posts might seem like the best thing to do.

However, it’s actually not the ideal move.

The truth is, directly embedded Facebook videos actually generate more engagement as opposed to YouTube embedded ones.

Statistics show that total number of interaction and engagement from directly embedded YouTube videos pale in comparison to those directly embedded ones from YouTube.

So keep this information moving forward and use it to your advantage and it won’t be long until you experience a noticeable spike in your engagement and interaction rates and of course, a dramatic improvement in your overall online marketing campaign.