Social media plays a very important role for businesses in allowing them to communicate with not only staff, but also the general public.As staff communication engagement issues is very important for any business so that staff can express their mind with seniors or boss.It is a great way to let customers in on the latest happenings and it is becoming increasingly clear it might be helpful in regards to dealing with a crisis within the company.

The technical research company has revealed that around 75% of organizations who have a business continuity management strategy in place have social media services as part of that strategy. This is used for communicating in times of crisis management.

Social media marketing can be a great way of communicating with all staff members whilst informing customers of any problems relating to the business website following a disruptive event. If the entire computer system crashed for instance, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can still be used for contacting others via smartphones.They may be the only means a company has of being able to remain in contact during a critical event.

However, the only downfall of using social media sites in this way is when they are used both within the company itself and in public. Conflicts in authority are often a problem on social network sites and can have negative results on the company.

It is worth giving some thought to. Before setting up social media management as part of a business continuity management strategy, it is important that some things are considered to ensure authoritative and credible information is sourced. If you want to know more about developing social media management strategies.