As you may have noticed, social media sites are quite different from each other. While they offer the same general concept, the options and abilities of each distinct social media platform is quite different. A good question to ask yourself is how does your company’s content fit into this social media melting pot? B2B social media is different from straight marketing to average consumers. The product is different and therefore the approach has to be different.

In general, most social media websites generate a lot of traffic from the average person. Several of the popular sites have only grown in popularity over the years since more and more people have begun to use these platforms to communicate with friends, family, business etc. Would it surprise you to know that the websites that have grown steadily have all ben social media platforms that have a way of sharing some form of visual media? Statista has compiled a chart of the various social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and MySpace (apparently, that’s still around). The chart shows that Americans spend, in total, the equivalent of 100,000 years on Facebook.

An interesting tidbit from that chart, though, is that Tumblr and Pinterest show that users log more time on those two social media platforms than any other one, with the exception of Facebook. If your business doesn’t have an account on either of those two social media sites, then I’d recommend creating one and building your up your presence. A different way to go about getting some search engine optimization (SEO) juice is to upload images that best represent your product and/or brand to the social media sites. This will allow people to download them and use those images on their blogs or social media platforms. Make it a requirement to use your website as the source. When producing your own images, make sure there is alternate text within the image that has something to do with your website. That also increases SEO. Another SEO helpful tactic is a YouTube channel. If your organization doesn’t have a YouTube channel, then making one would be highly beneficial. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine out there?

Obviously, Facebook is still the behemoth in social media. It’s very important to not neglect it. Facebook changed the way they did their newsfeed a couple years ago. According to Mashable, there are a few specific types of content that should be focused on:

  • Auto-play videos
  • Larger photos that span the width of the newsfeed (currently that’s 470 px wide)
  • High Quality News & Current Events

Businesses that are geared towards B2B typically have the most success with marketing on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is typically more of a professional social media environment. Quality Content posted there will have a more likely chance of being noticed versus Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media platforms. The content posted there should generally be more analytical as that’s what will more so catch their eye as opposed to an internet meme.

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