In this era of “canned” website themes replete with unimaginative standard layouts and bland stock photographs, choosing a creative web design agency is one of the best ways to stand out and get your business noticed. Selecting a skilled, professional web design agency that can work within your parameters and budget can, however, be challenging. To make sure that you get the best value for your investment, refer to the tips below before choosing a web design and video production firm to handle your next big project:

  1. Remember that great communication is the heart and soul of successful collaboration.

A web design company’s willingness to discuss your project in depth and get a sense of your individual “vision” is every bit as important as their development or design skills. Ideally, they should proactively inquire into what your goals are for the project, who your main competitors are, who your target clients are, and so on, before the project gets underway. They should also be receptive to hearing your feedback and making any necessary adjustments as the project progresses.

  1. Choose an agency that offers a “complete package” of services.

To keep your brand image consistent across platforms and ensure that you meet all of your target objectives effectively, choose a web design firm that offers a “complete package” of necessary services. To get an idea of what a “one-stop shop” web design firm looks like, check out the Dubai-based company Ultraweb: They offer not only creative web design, but also search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertising, content management, and custom video and photo production services. A company like this can successfully take your project from beginning to end without there being any unwanted variations in style or production quality.

  1. Make sure you can agree on a content management system beforehand.

Some web design companies choose to use proprietary content management systems, whereas others prefer to use an existing CMS like WordPress, Modx, or Drupal. Propriety systems may allow for more creativity, but many people want their web design firm to use an existing CMS so that they don’t have to rely on them for continued maintenance services. Choose whichever option meets your needs and preferences better.

  1. Make sure the design agency creates fully mobile-friendly websites.

 While every truly professional web design firm today offers some degree of mobile functionality, it’s still a good idea to verify that your chosen firm’s designs look as fabulous on mobile devices as they do on larger screens. Remember: Up to 80% of your customers will be viewing your website primarily via mobile devices, so that’s where it really needs to “shine.”

In addition to utilizing the strategies above, make sure to follow the same set of “best practices” you would when hiring any service: The web design company you’re interested in should have experience, positive reviews, and verifiable references. If it does, you’ve probably found the right fit for your business.