The internet is speeding up, the people are adapting to the digital platform and the cheap smarphones are finding their way into everybody’s home. The e-commerce is changing the market dynamics. The e-commerce transaction is going to cross $ 350 billion by the end of 2020.

Now, this calls for a perfect e-commerce site and marketing plan to capitalize on the growing demands of the e-commerce. But where should you start from?

  • A clear cut strategy:

It begins with your objective that includes both your long term and short term goals. So, it is imperative that you sit with your marketing team to define your goals. By setting goals, you can allocate the right amount of resources for your e-commerce development.

  • The design:

After defining the objectives, it is time to move to the designing process. And that begins with finding the right e-commerce platform such as Magento. If you decide to use this platform, then you need to hire Magento Ecommerce Developers who can design your site perfectly. Actually, as far as the e-commerce site is concerned, it should be perfect.

  • Perfecting the design:

The design perfection does not end at the look of the site. Of course, it starts from the aesthetics but it has more to it. First, more than 80 percent of people say that they love to shop through their smartphones because it makes them spontaneous. That means you have to create a site that that is mobile responsive.

The UI should be designed to fit into all the ecosystems and screen size. Well, the iOS has limited screen sizes but when it comes to the Android, the screen sizes become limitless. Hence, it is important that you create an e-commerce site that seamlessly fits into any all devices. The user should feel that it is designed for them.

And then, of course, you need to make sure that you make the checkout process also frictionless. Most of the consumers hate a complicated checkout process and it has been major factor for the abandoned carts. Make sure that you avoid making a multipage check out process. The consumers should be able to finish the transaction as a guest user too on the same page.

The security should be of the utmost importance. Apart from Google’s insistence on making sites secure for the better page ranking, it is also important from the customer’s point of view, their important banking information should travel safely over the internet. So, ensure that you deploy robust security system with (SSL)

  • Finding the right development firm:

Well, all these things can be possible only when you find the Magento Ecommerce developers India and let them do the job professionally. But hang on! You should verify the previous work that they have produced using the Magento. By looking at their previous work, you can clearly guess the level of their expertise. In addition, you will also know the capability of the features too.

The new digital market is demanding the enterprises to adapt to the digital technology and it is time to rethink your e-commerce plan.