There are many different ways in which you can develop an online presence. While it is feasible that you could establish yourself online without having your own website, the fact is that having your own site gives you greater control, offers you more flexibility, and provides you with greater opportunity to advance your business. There are more ways than ever before that you can develop an online presence and create an effective website.

Standard brochure websites can include video and image files and, as well as offering your contact details, they can include customer reviews and ratings to help spread the benefits of your service using word of mouth. Even if you don’t promote your brochure site online, or use it for direct lead capture, others may still search for your company name and having a website design northampton enables you to elicit some degree of control over the information that they will encounter when doing so.

More advanced websites can include a blog or forum. You can offer products for sale via an e commerce website and you can offer video reviews, podcast, and more. You can even have web applications developed for you and these can provide a great way to help you build links for your site and develop a community following for your brand. The more beneficial the online experience, the more likely people will be to come back to your website.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet. Mobile phones, smartphones, MP 3 players, tablet computers, and laptops are used regularly as a means to quickly grab information from the web. Having a mobile optimized website enables you to tap into this market of mobile surfers and it can give you even greater reach than you would otherwise be able to enjoy.

Website development doesn’t necessarily take place on your own website either. There are numerous sites and communities that enable you to develop an expanded presence. Facebook is one such network, where you can create a powerful application and use this to further improve your online marketing and your online business efforts.