The emergence of internet and technology have revolutionized the landscape of business and commerce industry. Today having a good website and maintaining is it mandatory for every organization. In fact any business either it is big or small cannot afford downtime where thecustomeris unable to access the site even for a minute.A well-hosted website is playing asignificant role in increasing the performance and growth of an organization, especially in thee-commerce industry. Selecting a reliable web hosting service has become a mission critical job for most business owners. There are thousands of web hosting service providers in the market, and all of them are offering a range of services at more or less same price.Image result for Web Hosting

1. Support

The worst thing which can happen to a website is that it can go down or have an email issue. Nobody can prevent glitches 100 percent. When something goes wrongon your web, it is important tohave someone to which you can call for immediate resolution. Therefore support is an important consideration when you are going to choose the best web hosting for business. Look for aprovider that can provide you 24/7 free phone support. It is also important for you to ask what kind of support you need and what kind of support the provider is going to give you.

2. Uptime Guarantee

Most important thing which you do not want your customer to experience is a blank screen when they type your URL. Shop a hosting service which hasahigh reputation for uptime and redundancy. Look for a service which has uptime guarantee of 99% or more. It is also important to ensure that the server has multiple backup locations. In case if one goes down the other one will go online.

3. Disk Space and Data Transfer

Disk space and data transfer capability are meaningful for new as well as old shoppers both. Almost all hosting service provide unlimited storage and data transfer. Unlimited is a marketing gimmick. It means web hosting users get more than enough capacity for storage and data transfer. Disk storage and bandwidth are critical for business users. In order to select the best web hosting service provider, it is important to take care of the hosting storage and bandwidth.

4. E-Commerce Features

  • Do you have an e-commerce website?
  • Do you have specific shopping cart software?
  • Are you processing business transactions on your website?
  • Is there aneed for specialized technical support?

the answer to all these questions would be yes; thenit is important for you to check the e-commerce features being offered by an e-commerce organization.The list of electronic commerce features includes SSL certification, dedicated IP, and installation of one click shopping cart software.

5. Backup

A web hosting service provider with an adequate backup plan is best for your business. Backup service of a host service provider helps theorganization to gain data which they lost mistakenly. In order to select the bestweb host for your business, it is important to consider what their disaster recovery plan is?

6. Watch for Add-ons

Sometimes web hosting service providers grab your attention by offering you a low start up rate. They charge extra for add-on features. Therefore it is important for you to make sure that what features areincluded in a hosting plan.

7. Accessibility

some hosting services make it difficult for to make changes to your site. Therefore it is important to know that the web host which you are selecting will provide you access to the server or not. Such access to the server will allow you to create email account easily and make changes to the server setting.

8. Scalability

You might be purchasing a web host service provider for your small business, but in future,your business will grow larger. Scalability of the service provider is an important consideration. It is important to select a hosting service provider that can scale with you as you grow big. The host also has to offer different tiers of service based on a number of visitors you receive each month.


The Internet is most lucrative real estate which allows businesses to gain a customer, leads and collect information. Website hosting is beginning of this journey. Therefore it is important to select a best web hosting company which can help you to compete effectively and efficiently.