Google is always endeavouring to improve its services and invests a lot of resources in innovation. It has recently made changes to Gmail. These changes mean that an email can be translated swiftly into your own language from a possible 53 foreign languages. This might be a bonus for those firms which trade internationally. Those interested in Google SEO will be watching the innovation with care.

At, we keep a close eye on the changes Google makes. Some of them have a direct bearing on optimisation techniques, while others have the potential to affect the popularity of the world’s most dominant search engine. While search engine optimisation services should focus on pleasing users, an appreciation of the competition between the major search engines is essential for future planning.

One of the good things about the Gmail translation feature is that it is simple to switch it on and off. Not all workers will need the aid because of their pre-existing linguistic abilities. There seem only two potential areas of concern. Firstly, the quality of the translation might not prove up to scratch. Secondly, some individuals may be dissatisfied with the number of languages being translated.

Any problems with the quality of translation should be ironed out in time. Few people will want a greater range of languages and it may be that Google adds to the 53 down the track. It would therefore superficially appear that the change to Gmail is likely to add to the popularity of Google services. This might lead Google to consider the more radical move of incorporating instant translation into search engine results pages.